Stem Cell Wars Inside Stories from the Frontlines Stem Cell Wars Inside Stories from the Frontlines by Eve Herold
Stem Cell Wars Inside Stories from the Frontlines
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STEM CELL WARS will be in U.S. bookstores on September 19, 2006. It will be released in the UK, Europe and Australia in January 2007. Preorder today on or

      "Comprehensive and concise, Stem Cell Wars provides an indispensable primer for anyone interested in what promises to be the most significant medical science breakthrough in our lifetimes. It should also serve as a timely antidote to the politically inspired misinformation surrounding this important issue."

- Ron Reagan

      “Simple and to-the-point, this book gives a thorough explanation of what stem cell research is, why there’s so much controversy surrounding it and, ultimately, why our government must change course and allow it to flourish. Stem Cell Wars will teach something new even to the most well-informed reader while stirring some emotion out of the most apathetic. Herold reinforces the need to educate the public on the potential for stem cells to improve the lives of existing human beings.”

- June Walker, President, Hadassah

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Read the following article by Eve Herold and Frank L. Cocozzelli, "An Unholy Alliance: How Neoconservatives and the Religious Right Have Joined Forces to Fight Stem Cell Research," published by the Institute for Progressive Christianity > Click here to read

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on December 6, 2006

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Spiked - London,UK
... What stem cell research may allow us to do, in the not too distant future, is provide cures for diseases that until now we have only been able to manage. ...

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     "What Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" was to the environmental movement, what Ralph Nader's "Unsafe at Any Speed" was to the consumer movement, Eve Herold's "Stem Cell Wars: Inside Stories from the Frontlines" will be to the Pro-Cures Movement. While other books have touched on stem cell politics and the advocacy cause, these are the very heart and soul of Stem Cell Wars."

- Bernard Siegel, Executive Director
Genetics Policy Institute

     "Eve Herold is a science and health journalist who has witnessed at first hand many of the recent developments in this unfolding research. In Stem Cell Wars, she offers a detailed account of these events set against an account of the underlying biology and the potential clinical benefits...She has written an exciting, rapidly moving account of the events associated with stem cell research."

Ian Wilmut, Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine,
Edinburgh University, writing for The Guardian

     “Eve Herold’s book is a forthright and compelling declaration of the immensely promising potential of stem cell research. Using clear logic and emotionally evocative accounts of patients in need, Herold makes an impassioned and convincing case for increasing stem cell research funding.”

- Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)

      "Eve Herold is the consummate battlefield correspondent of the Stem Cell Wars, a latter-day Ernie Pyle or Edward R. Murrow chronicling the clash of ideologies and science that help define the superheated politics of the 21st century. She seems to be everywhere at once: in the councils of the combatants, behind closed doors on Capitol Hill, beside the scientists and the suffering patients they hope to save, even to the South Korean laboratory where science fraud of historic proportions threatened to end the great promise of regenerative medicine. In her dispatches from the front, Eve Herold’s sympathies are unwaveringly with the patients--the women and men, children and families-whose tragic and inspiring stories are the warm heart of this timely and disturbing book."

- Dan Perry
Vice President and former President, Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research
Executive Director, Alliance for Aging Research

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